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Lógos Languages is your preferred partner for all your training needs, with a focus on communication and personal development. You can apply to us for language courses, cross-cultural training programmes and a variety of communication seminars.

Language training

Do you have a lot of business contacts who speak another language? Close the language gap and improve communication. Our language courses are designed to meet the highest standards.

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and business seminars

Clear communication is a prerequisite for your professional success in today’s highly charged business environment. Our seminars focus primarily on improving your style of communication.

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Cultural Awareness

Business is intrinsically international these days, with emerging markets playing a pivotal role. Our Cultural Awareness programmes are designed to stimulate and expand your cultural awareness.

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Every month, we shine a spotlight on one of our courses.

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Our charter is your guarantee of success:

  • bespoke solutions
  • motivated trainers
  • professional translators
  • real results
  • an integral approach

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