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About us

You can turn to Lógos Languages for all your foreign-language communication needs. We offer language courses, translations and Cultural Awareness training.

We only work B2B, which means you can expect a bespoke, B2B approach. Our team is made up of specialists in their respective fields, each with years of experience and a genuine passion for the job.

Language courses

We work with experienced freelancers on all our language courses. All of our hand-picked trainers are highly-motivated and take their work very seriously. There’s no need to worry about the logistics of transport: our trainers come to you. Either at your office or another location of your choice. You can expect courses that are 100% tailored to your specific needs and expectations.

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Our translators are also certified freelancers and genuine professionals. Translation is their chosen craft and they put their heart and soul into every assignment. No matter how specialised the subject of your text may be, we have translators who possess the required knowledge. We appreciate that every field comes with its own specific terminology and that the expertise of the translator is therefore of crucial importance.

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Cultural Awareness

During our Cultural Awareness training courses, you will learn about how your cultural background can influence your way of working, thinking and acting. We teach you how to respond to cultural differences in a professional context as well as in a broader context. Our courses are ideal for prospective expats. We offer the following courses: Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, China and Japan.

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We regard flexibility as being of central importance. This links back to our primary objective – to improve your active knowledge of the chosen foreign language – and yet our way of achieving this objective is never the same. Our trainers adapt to our personality, your needs and your particular field of work.

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