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Approach and method

'Good teaching happens when competent teachers with non-discouraging personalities use non-defensive approaches to language teaching and learning, and cherish their students.' −Dr. James E. Alatis
, Dean Emeritus, School of Languages and Linguistics, Georgetown University

  • Flexibility and bespoke service

    Every lesson cycle and each individual session is tailored to the needs of the participant. This is the cornerstone of our philosophy. By 'bespoke service' we mean that every language course is designed to compliment your level of proficiency and to focus on helping you to achieve your objectives. We strive for an approach that is flexible and that works both for and with you.

  • Intuitive, spoken language lessons

    Our language courses are tailored to your needs, but are primarily focused on spoken language. During our language courses we will encourage you to speak as much as possible and we try to allow this to happen in an intuitive and spontaneous manner. We will correct any mistakes and gradually tackle any incorrect patterns of speech or 'bad habits' you may have with respect to the foreign language. We believe that this is the only way to make real progress.

    Would you prefer to focus on your written language skills? No problem; we can also provide the right solution for you in this area.

  • A balanced approach

    Learning a new language is not always straight-forward, which is why a multitude of methods have been developed. Methods that each have their strengths and weaknesses. Our approach can best be described as balanced, bringing together a selection of complimentary methods. This can range from simple drills and role-playing to listening exercises and presentation techniques. In this way, we keep our language courses challenging and innovative, which gives rise to best result for you.

  • During and after your course

    With Lógos Languages, you have access to our online learning platform, eLogos, both during and after your course. eLogos allows you to improve your written language skills with hundreds of exercises covering the most important grammar rules. eLogos provides a comprehensive framework as the foundation for achieving the best results.

  • Your trainer

    Your trainer is without a doubt the most important person when it comes to your acquisition of a foreign language – after yourself, of course. He or she is your planner, manager, advisor, pedagogue, psychologist, coordinator and source of inspiration, all rolled into one – although not necessarily in that order. Which is why we support our trainers as best as we can with advice and constructive criticism, so that they can combine the above roles effectively and get the best out of their students.

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