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Communication Seminars

Public Speaking

Successfully speaking to groups of people depends on your ability to capture attention, create credibility, transfer emotion and – often – spur your audience to take action. This is the essence of virtually every presentation: whether this is a five-minute PowerPoint on a blue Monday morning, or the presentation of your life given at the offices of a prospective client. No matter where and when: you want to always captivate your audience.

For whom?

- Do you regularly hold presentations at work?
- Will you have to present a crucial project to a prospective client in the near future?
- Do you frequently have to speak to groups of people, sometimes unannounced beforehand?

Did you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above questions? If so, you should certainly register for our ‘Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques’ course. There is plenty to learn from this seminar, even for people with ample experience in holding presentations.

At Lógos Languages, we will teach you techniques that will enable you to hold top-level professional presentations, each and every time.

Our ‘Presentation Techniques’ seminars are always tailored exclusively to our clients, and focus entirely on the needs of the participant(s) in question. You can expect an extensive analysis of your needs and a seminar tailored exclusively to your requirements. Our definition of a customised course also includes our ability to choose the trainer whose expertise we believe corresponds best to your expectations.

As already mentioned, no two seminars are identical. Here is a brief overview of what you can approximately expect:

- Preparing more efficiently and in less time
- Dealing with stress factors
- Presentation techniques (use of intonation, body language, etc.)
- Role playing
- Video analysis of the participants’ performance (optional)

Assertiveness Training

In our modern-day, competitive world it is crucial that you are able to assert yourself. Assertive people are better capable of expressing their opinions and wishes in an honest, direct and non-aggressive manner than anyone else. At the same time, they are sensitive to other people’s emotions. Sometimes, it is difficult to find the right balance in this. It takes a wide range of different competencies in order to be genuinely assertive. However, it boils down to two key aspects: confidence (the ability to search yourself) and respect (for other people).

Assertiveness is all about trying to achieve a win-win situation. This can be achieved through an honest and open style of communication that will enable both parties to equally benefit.

Our assertiveness seminars are all tailored to the individual participant(s), and therefore preceded by an intake interview.

During our assertiveness training course, the following topics are discussed:

- Passive / aggressive/ passive-aggressive>< assertive - Becoming aware of your own style - Listening assertively - Body language - Assertively bringing across your message Assertive people generally enjoy better relationships with their colleagues, clients and suppliers in comparison to non-assertive people, and are therefore able to achieve better results. However, you cannot develop into an assertive person within the space of just a few hours! This is often a process that requires a great deal of self-reflection and practice. We will be happy to act as your guide on this journey.

Business Seminars

Change management

We know that this sounds like a cliché, but standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards. However difficult it is, we are obliged as individuals to continually evolve along with the society in which we live. Businesses, too, are obliged to adjust to new realities. Change at corporate level involves a genuine process that must be approached in a professional and well-considered manner, certainly if this is accompanied by a significant impact on your staff. Easier said than done, of course, but what is the best approach to take?

During our seminar on change management for managers, we let managers become aware of the negative emotions that so often accompany a change and provide them tools to transform the negative flow into positive energy and lead their team to the future situation in an efficient and proactive manner.

For whom?

- Is your organisation going through a change process?
- Have you noticed that these changes bring about negative emotions in yourself or among your colleagues?
- Are you having difficulty in stemming the tide of these negative emotions?

Did you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above questions? If so, our seminar on dealing with change may be exactly what you are looking for.

Every assignment, every firm, and every change process is unique. A detailed analysis of the requirements is absolutely essential before embarking on this seminar. Our experts will be happy to visit your company for a day so that they will become thoroughly familiar with all the subtleties of your corporate culture.

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Training the trainer

Our Training the Trainer seminar aims to equip trainers with all the tricks of the trade.

The following topics will be addressed during this course:
- How to communicate your subject matter in a captivating and interactive manner
- How to keep your students motivated during the entire learning process
- How to create professional and well- structured didactic materials
- How to deal with “difficult” students and resistance to learning
- How to give a presentation that will keep your students at the edge of their seats from start to finish

These are just a few of the subjects that will be discussed during this seminar.

This seminar will focus, in the first instance, on trainers who are just starting out, but the content can easily be adapted to respond to the needs of more experienced educators as well.

Prevention of stress and burnout

The prevention of stress and burnout are among the key challenges facing today’s business environment. Research has revealed that no less then 1 out of 10 employees today are grappling with a genuine burnout (source: Securex). The consequences are not to be underestimated for all parties involved. Employees are faced with serious health problems that will keep them off the work floor for weeks and even months. Employers, in turn, will have to deal with the related organisational and financial consequences.

Participating in a seminar on the prevention of stress and burnout is an important step in implementing a prevention policy at your company or organisation.

The following topics will be addressed during this course:

- What are some of the causes of stress and burnout?
- What is the difference between depression and burnout?
- How can you recognise a burnout at an early stage?
- Which employees in particular are at a high risk of developing a burnout?
- How can you develop a prevention strategy at your company or organisation?
- How can you initiate a turnaround within your company or organisation regard to stress and burnout?

This course is directed primarily at CEOs and HR managers who wish to assign priority to the prevention of stress and burnout. Employees wishing to learn more about burnouts are also welcome to attend this seminar.

Negotiation techniques

Negotiation is important! One of the typical traits shared by all successful companies (and people) is that they are well-versed in the art of negotiation.

Negotiation is not about “winning”. It’s about concluding agreements in regard of which all parties concerned are satisfied with the outcome. After all, if you wish to achieve your objectives you will need the support of everyone involved in the agreement you have negotiated. This course will introduce you to various negotiation techniques that will help you efficiently bridge the gaps between the various parties in an agreement. The ultimate objective is to conclude an agreement in which everybody wins - and nobody loses.

The following topics will be addressed during this course:

- Defining the concept of negotiation
- Planning and preparing for a negotiation
- Persuasion strategies
- Improving your negotiation strategy
- The various negotiation techniques you can employ and how to adjust them to your situation
- How to work towards achieving a genuine win-win situation
- Etc.

Just as during all our other seminars, role-playing will also be one of the principal teaching methods used in this seminar.

This seminar is directed primarily at people who, by way of their profession, are regularly placed in situations where negotiation is important.

Communication for salespersons - salestechniques

You must be familiar with the old adage: ‘Selling is either something you can do, or something you cannot do. You either have it in you, or you don’t. ’

We do not believe in this. Everyone who is motivated to do so, can be a successful salesperson. Nevertheless, even the most motivated salesmen can achieve disappointing results. Does this surprise you? It should not. Many people in a commercial profession have never received formal sales training. They have simply rolled into the sales profession and have never obtained genuine insight into the enormity of sales techniques that they can tap into. They are constantly struggling to achieve their targets. This is like fighting a losing battle!

Our seminar on sales techniques will help you break through this vicious circle. You can expect to tackle the following subjects:

- Making a first impression
- Successful sales behaviour
- Generating leads
- Selling a product = selling yourself – shameless self-marketing
- Developing an adjusted strategy to achieve your sales objectives (and exceeding your expectations)
- Insight into sales techniques
- Active listening
- Etc.

Our seminar on sales techniques is directed at both starting and more experienced salespersons.

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