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How and what?

On the other side of the world …

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A cultural awareness seminar is certainly useful if you are planning to travel to another continent for business purposes. However, you may not even have to travel so far away to benefit from one of our seminars. Are you planning to receive a visit from a Japanese prospect, or suppliers from the Middle East? In that case, it might be useful to gain insight into some of the cultural differences you may run into.

Customised Courses

Just like all our other courses, our Cultural Awareness programmes are fully customised to your requirements. Do you regularly travel between various continents on business, or are you planning to permanently establish residency in another part of the world? Will you be working with a team, or will you be closing that wonderful business deal all on your own? Or will you simply be receiving guests from a faraway country here in Belgium? Whatever the circumstances may be, the last thing you want is to be faced with the possibility of a cultural misstep that you may never be able to rectify. Our Cultural Awareness programmes are always tailor-made, focusing on our clients’ specific needs. They will give you that little something extra to bring your professional objectives to a fruitful conclusion.

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