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The ability to bridge cultural differences is considered one of the greatest challenges to overcome on the road towards a successful business career. Our seminars are topical, powerful and fully tailored to your needs.

Living and working in...

Are you planning to leave soon for a faraway country in order to embark on a new professional challenge?

During one of our ‘Living and working in [...]’ seminars, you will not only be provided all the information you need about your destination; your cultural awareness will also be considerably increased. Depending on your objectives, we will adjust the seminar to your specific needs. The entire seminar will therefore focus entirely on bringing your mission abroad to a fruitful conclusion.

The seminars are available for people planning to live and work in the following parts of the world (among others): China, Japan, the Middle East, India, Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia, Belgium and Europe (for expats).

The Perfect Host

Is your company expecting visitors from somewhere far abroad sometime in the near future? The title of our seminar, ‘The Perfect Host’, speaks for itself. Increase your cultural awareness, and receive your guests as if they were royalty. Whether you are hosting an expat who needs to find his or her place in your organisation, or a delegation of suppliers or existing prospective clients, we will organise a seminar that will, without a doubt, be of tremendous benefit to your long-term partnership.

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